H.323 Global Network

H.323 Global Network

The H.323 Global Network (HGN) is an open, interconnected, federated multimedia communications network running over the Internet.

It is a network built on H.323, the industry-leading standard videoconferencing / telepresence protocol. This protocol is proven in the industry, providing users with excellent voice and video communications capabilities over the Internet.

The HGN supports traditional phone numbers, but more importantly it supports domain-based dialing so that one can use H.323 URLs (e.g., h323:user@example.com). This allows any domain owner to operate his or her own H.323 devices or software and interconnect with the global network without being dependent on a central authority or service provider.

Using the most advanced NAT/FW traversal technology, users can communicate with any other user on the Internet. More importantly, it does not rely on peer-to-peer technologies that have been a concern for many network operators and universities. In the H.323 Global Network, calls are routed by Gatekeepers on the Internet and voice and video flow directly between the two users who are communicating.

On this site, we documented everything so that domain owners can set up their own H.323 networks that connect into the H.323 Global Network.